Veal locket with blackberries
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  • Veal tenderloin – 40 dag

  • lemon juice

  • salt

  • pepper

  • flour

  • oil

  • butter – 1 spoon

  • stir blackberries – 4 full spoons

  • cider apples – 4 pcs.


Wash apples, do not peel them, but cut into 4 pieces, remove seed cores and peduncles and fry on hot oil – they can be a little bit brown. Mix flour with spices. Tenderloins cut into 1cm thick pieces and put into a cold place for 10 minutes. Fry lockets on hot oil – 2 minutes on every side and put onto warm plates, drizzle with lemon juice, coat in fried apples and blackberries and serve hot. Bon Apetit!