Without compromises!

We may say that we produce delicious cold meats, divide them into lines, cathegories, brands or batches. We may add that we deliver fresh meat, complete assortment and cut, grind, smash and pack in our shops – so that the clients come back to our shops on their own or invited by a close person with a voucher or a coupon. We currently offer all these things but we constantly introduce innovations and novelities sin order to be distinctive in the market.


The company has been specialising in cold meat production for years. Produced on the basis of traditional recipes with the preservation of the highest quality standards, they are a business card of our reach product offer. Starting from the process of careful choosing of best meats, flavouring with herbs and natural components, moulded, smoking or drying – always under excellent pork-butchers care. So that everything we produce is so “ours” … because this is exactly what our Recipients expect.


Thanks to this, only the best products lend on the tables of our clients and their fresh taste fully deserves on the term “natural” as well as most of used components and ingredients of the production process.


Hańderek does its best to treat its clients individually and make for them products even those untypical.


Therefore, we would like to invite you to try our possibilities and good taste.