Veal cutlet with apples

Veal cutlet with apples

Ingredients: 1kg of veal cutlets, 10dag of fresh, lightly frozen bacon, 4 grains of juniper mashed in a mortar, one spoon of butter, onion, ½ of celery, carrot, one glass of red dry wine, one glass of cream, one spoon of potato flour to thicken the sauce, 4 big cider apples, salt, pepper, marjoram, oil for frying

numer of portions: 8    

preparation time: 75 minutes

difficulty: medium difficult        

calories: medium caloric             

cost: expensive

Wipe meat with a wiper besprinkled with vinegar, lard with bacon coated with mashed juniper, sprinkle with salt, pepper and put into a cold place. Fry minced onion in the butter, add chopped vegetables and fry together for a while. Put meat on the prepared vegetables, cover dish tightly and put into the oven preheated to 220 °C for 30 minutes. Take off the lid, add wine and cream, lower the temperature in the oven and bake.             

Take out the tender and brown meat and put onto a preheated platter and keep in a warm place. Add flour and water to the sauce and if necessary season to taste.      

Fry apples, cut into roundels (with ring and without applecores) in the oil.

Divide meat into portions so that every portion contains a bone. Pour sauce on the bottom of the platter, put meat on sauce, put roundels of apples on the edge of the platter and  sprinkle with marjoram. Serve with young potatoes or puree and seasonal salad.        

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