Roast Veal from Old-Polish Kitchen

Roast Veal from Old-Polish Kitchen


·         80dag of veal from shoulder blade,

·         5dag of fresh frozen bacon,

·         lemon,

·         salt,

·         glass of cream,

·         3 spoons of oil,

·         ¼ cube of butter (6 dag),

·         1 spoon of flour,

·         2 spoons of milk.

number of portions: 6

preparation time: 60 minutes   

difficulty: medium difficult        

calories: medium caloric             

cost: expensive              

Cut bacon into slim strips and sprinkle with salt. Remove lining from meat, lard with bacon, rub with salt and lemon juice, put tightly into a bowl, cover and keep in a cool place till the next day.

Warm up oil in a saucepan, add half of butter. When fat is hot, brown veal on all sides, turn heat to low, add the rest of the butter and roast until meat is soft. Ready roast take out onto a metal platter, cut into slim slices along fibres, keep warm.

Prepare sauce: mix flour with milk, when clods disappears add cream. Warm up fat which remains after frying, add cream, boil and keep over the fire for 2 minutes until flour loose its raw taste, if it is necessary season with lemon juice and salt. Pour hot sauce over the meat, put to the preheated oven for about 5 minutes (not longer) and serve with thick, domestic pasta or with noodles

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