About the company


Meat Processing Plant Hańderek is situated in Buczkowice, close to Bielsko-Biała, in a wonderful surrounding, at the foot of Skrzyczne Mountain and close to Żywieckie Lake. The plant is a family company run by Wojciech and Pawel Hanerek. It has been present in the market in this legal form since 1992. However, cold meats traditions reach a whole generation back. That is why, there is a good reason for us to be proud of traditional recipes of produced cold meats. Joining the European Union which gave the company a great stimulus to develop production modernisation as well as widening the outlet was the key moment in the history of the plant. Right now, the company employs more or less 250 people and delivers cold meats and meat to the clients throughout three distribution channels: manufacturer’s retail shops, retailers, and the biggest wholesaler’s in Poland. The production is controlled by the staff of experts and the vigilant eye of the owners for whom the flavour and the quality of the products are most important.




About the quality

We think that the quality and the flavour are the key pass to the hearts and tables of the consuments, these are also the basic parameter evaluated by our present and future contractors.

We care of it in many fields:

– develpment of assortment portfolio according to market research;
– care of health of our recipients throughout thye choice of checked and certified suppliers;
– Constant improvement of knowledge and skills of our stuff.



Prizes and distinctions