Cookies Policy

1. This platform does not collect automaticaly any information that cookies include.

2. Cookies are information data, especially text files which are kept in user’s end device and are dedicated to use web sites of the Platform. Cookies usually contain the name of the web site from which they come from, information how long they are kept in the end device and a unique number.

3. Subject which places cookies in the user’s end device and gets access to them is the operator of Hańderek Platform with its headquarter in Buczkowice, ul. Nadbrzeżna 821.

4. Cookies are used in order to:

a) Adjust the content of the web site of the Platform to user’s preferences and optimalise the use of the web sites; these files especially let recognise user’s device and dosplay the site in an appropriate way, adjusted to individual needs.

b) make statistics which help to understand how the users of the Platform use the web sites and improve their structure and content.

c)  keep user’s session (after loging in) so that the user do not have to  enter loigin and password after loading every subpage;

5.  Two main cookies are used in the framework of the Platform: Session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporar files which are kept in user’s end device until loging out, leaving the web site or closing software (internet browser). Persistent cookies are kept in user’s end device during the time established in cookies’ parameters or until they are removed by the user.

6.  The following cookies are used in the framework of the Platform:

a)  necessery cookies which enable the use of services available in the Platform, for example: probate cookies used to services requirying probation in the frame of the Platform.

resie uwierzytelniania w ramach Serwisu;

c)  productive cookies which enable to collect information about the way the web site in the Platform is used;

d)  functional cookies enable to remember setups chosen by the user and the personalisation of user’s interface, for example: language, region from which the user comes from, dimension of font, appearance of the web site;

e)  Advertisement cookies enable the delivery of advertisements adjusted to user’s interests.

7.  In many cases internet browsers defaultly enable cookies to be kept in user’s end devices. Platform users may change these settings any time. These settings can be changed so that they block automatic use of cookies in the internet browsers or inform when they are kept in the device of the User of the Platform. Detail information concerning possibilities and ways the cookies may be used are available in the software settings (internet browser).

8.  The platform operator informs that some restrictions of cookies using may affect some functionalities available on the web sites of the Platform.

9.  Cookies kept in user’s end device of the Platform may be also used by advertisements cooperating with the partners and the operator.